Don’t throw away your CRM 4.0 SDK just yet

So we’re two and a half years into the realm of CRM 2011 with the next version, code-named Orion, just over the horizon somewhere. You’ve got to be thinking to yourself: "Well, I guess I can delete that CRM 4.0 SDK folder since it’s taking up disk space and I’m down to only 489GB.

Not so fast.

There are still valuable things remaining in what you may consider just a waste of disk space.  Here are a few:

The SDK help file is always a good reference should you be migrating code, .NET or JavaScript from CRM 4.0 to 2011.

Helper code. Here is a little gem of a file that I ran across while converting a ton of .NET code to the new CRM 2011 object model:


This file contains some very useful enumerations for the various State, Status Reasons, and Picklists found in the base entity classes. In CRM 4.0.

The Sample code folder contains some interesting examples for how to do things that may not be found in the CRM 2011 samples. If you ever have trouble finding an example, do a search through the 4.0 SDK samples to see if you can find an exact match, or something close.


There are others, but those are the few that I can recall off the top of my head.  Feel free to comment with any others.

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