Tip o’ the Day: Working with Queues

At times, it can be difficult to manage queues, if you have a large number of users because the normal production queues get lost in the list of users ( who also have queues ). Here’s how to work around that problem.

1. Select Settings, Customization.

2. Expand Entities.

3. Expand Queues.

4. Click on Views.

5. Open the All Queues view.  It will probably look something like this:


6. Click the Save As button on the toolbar.

7. Give the new view a name like, All Production Queues:


8. Click the Edit Filter Criteria button on the Common Tasks task pane.

9. Add the following  filter criteria:


All users queues begin with a greater-than symbol ("<"). Normal queues do not. We are instructing CRM to show me only non-user queues.

10. Click OK.

11. Click the Save and Close button on the toolbar.

12. Publish your customizations.


Now you have the ability to filter the list of queues to remove user queues:


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