Monthly Archives: March 2013

SnapShot! 1.6 for Dynamics CRM Released

I’ve made a few enhancements to SnapShot! over the past week or so: 1. I’ve added an optional Pack and Go feature that will compress the generated report files into a .ZIP file for easy transport or archiving. 2. The JScript Web Resource report has been modified to provide more information about JScript web resource […]

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JavaScript Conversion: Creating a supported LookupControlItem method

In Dynamics CRM 4.0, you could use an unsupported internal function to create the value to be inserted into a Lookup control.  The code would look something like this: var lookupItem = new Array(); lookupItem[0] = new LookupControlItem(“{3A6C1B06-C62F-DC11-AFC2-0019B9B20373}”, 1, “A Sales Store 3”); crmForm.all.pricelevelid.DataValue = lookupItem;   This function still exists in Dynamics CRM 2011 […]

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