SnapShot! v1.1 for Dynamics CRM Released

I’ve just released a new version of my SnapShot! CRM documentation tool.

I created some additional documentation to help you better understand the output.

You can download the documentation (PDF) here.

While writing the documentation, I found I was not happy with either the data that I was writing to the Excel worksheet or some of the column titles that I chose to use.  In both cases, the information did not match what was seen within the CRM user interface.  While the information was technically accurate, there were just too many "developerese" terms and phrases.

This version corrects many of these issues.

One of the most significant changes I made is that any location where the data could have been True or False, I replaced it with Yes or No, since that is more natural for people to understand, I think.  Since not everyone uses the English versions of Yes and No, I added code to extract the equivalent values from CRM so that Yes and No should display in the default language the user has selected in CRM.

You can download the sample reports here.

Or, for more information, visit the SnapShot! product page here.

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