SnapShot! 1.3 for Dynamics CRM Released

SnapShot! version 1.3 has been released.

The update includes a new report as well as some corrections to the Security Role report.

Both the documentation and sample reports have been updated.



I added a report that will show the security privileges for each user. This is the combination of all of their security roles. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what security privileges a user has, after applying several security roles, this report will give you that information.

The User Privileges report is formatted exactly like the Security Roles report so that you can see, at a glance, the privileges a user has to each entity.



I fixed several issues in the Security Role report. Some of the information for a security role was misrepresented or just plain wrong. This is partly my fault and it appears, some differences between the SDK documentation, and what is actually being stored and returned from the database. Those issues are now corrected.


For more information, please visit the SnapShot! product page.

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