CRM Online and a Locked Windows Live ID Account


Your Windows Live ID becomes locked or disabled by the system because the account has 100,000+ failed login attempts.



You have the email router configured to access CRM Online using your Windows Live ID account.

You then change your password, forgetting that the email router also used this account.

The email router attempts a connection to CRM Online on an alarmingly frequent basis and since the stored credentials no longer match, the login fails.

Soon thereafter, the Windows Live ID system will assume someone is mounting a hacking-attack and will disable the account for you.



The first thing to do is properly document your system configuration so that you, and hopefully other people, know what credentials are being used to access what services.

Next, you’ll have to stop the email router service.

Then open a case with Windows Live ID support and have them enable your account.

At this point you can either change the password on the stored credentials the email router is using to access the system.  Even better, if it is possible, is create a new Windows Live ID account that can be used specifically for this purpose.  Add that user to your CRM Online instance and configure the router to use those credentials.

Restart the email router service and make sure mail is flowing.

The go back and document what you just did so you and anyone else in your organization know what the cause and solution were.

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