JavaScripting with Dynamics CRM 2011 Deep Dive workshop registration is open

I am holding the first-ever JavaScripting with Dynamics CRM 2011 Deep Dive workshop.

This workshop is going to be a little different than most because in addition to the in-person training and discussions, we’ll also be conducting two 1-hour follow-on sessions in the weeks following the class to answer any questions that may have arose during or after the class.

Here are the details:


Sunday, October 14th. 8:00am-5:00pm


Renaissance Seattle Hotel


$699.00 per person (the class is limited to 15 students)

Eventbrite - JavaScripting for Dynamics CRM 2011 Deep Dive Workshop

Course Content:

  • Working with forms
    • Working with the form editor
    • Basic form design
    • Form layout tips and tricks
    • When to use multiple forms
  • JScript Web Resources
    • Designing an efficient web resource layout
    • Attaching to entity forms and ribbons
  • JavaScripting 101
    • Learn the basic JavaScript methods you will use on a daily basis
    • Dynamic form modification (showing/hiding tabs, sections, and fields)
    • Working with the CRM form, field, and control event model
    • Working with iFrames and other web resources
      • Integrating maps, photos, etc. into the form
  • JavaScripting 201
    • Performance
    • Working with solutions
    • Working with the Ribbon
    • Field-level security
  • JavaScripting 301
    • Using OData to create, read, update, and delete CRM data
    • Cross-browser support issues
    • Cool but unsupported customizations
      • Multi-selection option set
      • Convert a Lookup into an option set
      • and more…
  • Advanced Techniques
    • Team development
    • JavaScript: to minify or not
  • We will also explore the development tools that will help you work with
    • Web Resources
    • Solutions
    • The Ribbon
    • The SiteMap



I’ve been hard at work creating new tools and documentation to make the life of a Dynamics CRM developer better. Each student will receive a free copy of these tools and materials – a $1,000 value.


Student Requirements:

This is a hands-on workshop so you will need to bring your laptop. Each student will connect to their own virtual server with which to conduct all of the labs and exercises.

You will need to understand the basics of how JavaScript works, but in case you do not, or maybe you do not feel you have enough knowledge, I’ll provide materials to help get you started so that you can be productive in class.



Breakfast and lunch are provided and if we all have a good time, I might just throw in dinner. Smile

Eventbrite - JavaScripting for Dynamics CRM 2011 Deep Dive Workshop

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