Daily Archives: September 20, 2012

4 JavaScripting with Dynamics CRM 2011 Deep Dive workshop registration is open

I am holding the first-ever JavaScripting with Dynamics CRM 2011 Deep Dive workshop. This workshop is going to be a little different than most because in addition to the in-person training and discussions, we’ll also be conducting two 1-hour follow-on sessions in the weeks following the class to answer any questions that may have arose […]

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JavaScript Conversion: Removing unnecessary code #1. Adding mailto to an email-enable text field

Occasionally I will run into JavaScript that was added to a form to provide functionality desirable by the business. I have seen several instances where code such as this:   if (crmForm.all.emailaddress1 != null) { crmForm.all.emailaddress1.ondblclick = function () { var email = crmForm.all.emailaddress1.DataValue; if ((email != null) && (email.length > 0)) { window.navigate(“mailto:” + […]

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