Adding People to Marketing Lists

I was verifying some data in one of my CRM Online instances when I noticed something about Marketing Lists that had never caught my eye.

The process of adding a person (Contact, Lead, Account) to a Marketing List can vary depending on how you do it.

Here are the two methods that are available:

Method 1:

Clicking the Add to Marketing List button on the Ribbon:


Displays the following dialog:



Method 2:

The second method is when you select Marketing Lists from the Marketing area in the left-hand navigation section:


Clicking this link changes the context of the Ribbon to that of the Marketing List, which appears like this:


Clicking the Add Existing Marketing List from this Ribbon will produce this dialog:


As you can see, this is a different dialog than noted previously and it happens to be a multi-select dialog box.

This means you can add multiple Marketing Lists to a person with a single action.

This should greatly improve your productivity when working with a single record.

Unfortunately, when working with multiple records, you only get the "add to single Marketing List" choice.

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