Creating an E-mail-Enabled Entity

One of the new features Microsoft included in Dynamics CRM 2011 is the ability to create entities which are e-mail enabled.

When you initially create the entity, you have the option of "sending e-mail", as you can see below:


Note: This decision must be made at the time of creation, since you can’t modify this setting later.

CRM will also add an emailaddress field to the entity, as you can see here:


An interesting thing to note is that the field is simply called, "emailaddress" and does NOT contain your publisher prefix.

You will need to add this field to your form.

Once the new entity has been published and you have created and saved a record, the Send Direct E-mail button will appear:


This action allows you to sending an e-mail using a pre-defined e-mail template.

And should you be creating an e-mail activity, the new entity will appear as a selection in the e-mail address fields, so as To:



Overall, this is a very handy feature and one we have been asking for years.

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