Users with no assigned security roles

If you open Dynamics CRM 2011 as an administrator you may one day find the following notification:


As the message states, There are users within the system who do not have any security roles assigned.

A user without a security role is the same as no user at all, so CRM wants you to correct the issue.

Theoretically, you can do so by clicking the Assign Roles button located in the notification area.  This action will navigate to the User’s area within Settings and display a special view called: Users with no security roles.


But what if the user list is blank?

Interestingly enough, on my test system where I received this message, I found the view to be empty, which I thought rather odd.

Manually navigating to: Settings, Administration, Users, then selecting the Users with no security roles view, listed the users without security roles.


How can this happen?

Well, there are actually several possibilities:

  • The user was added manually ( not through the Add Users wizard ) and roles were not assigned.
  • The user was moved from one business unit to another and the security roles were removed because they did not exist in the destination business unit.



This is a very handy notification that will hopefully prevent users from having connectivity issues when accessing Dynamics CRM 2011.

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