CRM Migration Assistant 1.3.3 Released

We have released a small update to the CRM Migration Assistant which includes the following updates:

  1. Added 0 and 1 as supported Submit Options
  2. Fixed issues with converting .AddOption to .addOption method.
  3. Conversion alerts were added for the following JavaScript properties:
  • .title
  • .vAlign
  • .contentEditable
  • .innerText
  1. Any .style property that is not either display or visible is now marked as a conversion issue. This is to help identify instances where people have created unsupported code which will probably not work within the CRM 2011 environment.
  2. The use of document.all.mnuBar1 now produces a conversion alert.
  3. Instances of the DOM element ‘Notifications’ will cause a conversion alert will be generated. This is a special CRM form element at the top of each data entry form that shows alerts to the user. For more information on using this technique, see this article.


You may download the new package here.

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