Book Release: Dynamics Deep Dive Security

Today I am releasing the first in a series of Deep Dive books related to all things Dynamics CRM:

The first book is a dive deep into Dynamics CRM 2011 security where you will discover what really happens behind–the–scenes.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Business units
  • Security roles and privileges
  • Users and teams
  • Auditing
  • Field-level security
  • Record ownership and sharing
  • How Dynamics CRM applies security at the Active Directory and SQL levels

You’ll learn how to troubleshoot security-related issues and learn how the design of your entities and the relationships with other entities effects security..

We’ll also show you how to create custom security roles for users of your Help Desk and that need to have form customization capabilities but not be able to change or remove metadata.

Also included is a complete list of Dynamics CRM security privileges which allows you to cross reference the information found in the Dynamics CRM user interface with their internal names.

Finally, we’ll discuss best practices as applied to each security sub-topic to help you to quickly get up to speed with Dynamics CRM security.

Currently, it is available in PDF format with paper and eBook ( Kindle, nook, iBook ) coming soon.

Visit the book page to make a purchase.


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