Multi-Column Sorting Views in Dynamics CRM 2011

Views within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, by default, support up to two pre-defined sortable columns, which are selected when the view is defined.

However, it is possible to manually sort any View on multiple columns using a combination of your mouse and keyboard.

Let’s walk through the process:

Here is a view of some Contact sample data which has been sorted by the Contact’s full name. 


We would like to re-sort this View by address information.

Step 1: Click Address 1: State/Province

The view will be sorted by the State/Province:


Also notice that the background color of the column is now grey and an arrow has been placed on the right-side of the column header.

A arrow pointing up indicates that the column is sorted in Ascending order, an arrow pointing down indicates that the column is sorted in Descending order.

Note: If the full text of the column header is not displayed, then the arrow will not be displayed either. You must expand the width of the column to show both.


Step 2: Hold down the Shift Key, then click City

Again we have an arrow on the right-side of the column header and column shading to indicate this is a sort column.



Step 3: Hold down the Shift Key, then Click ZIP/Postal Code

Will result in all three columns being sorted:



Sorting in Descending Order

If you wish to sort a column in Descending order, just perform the shift-click on that column and you will see the results resorted, like this:



Additional Notes:

  • The order that you choose your columns is important with the first selected column controlling any additional sub-sorts – so make sure you start with the most important column first.
  • The selected sort order will disappear and be replaced with the default sort order as defined by the View definition, should you leave the View.
  • I don’t actually know the maximum number of sort columns because, quite frankly, I ran out of columns during my tests.  But, it is at least 7.

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