Monotouch Day 2: Images and Icons

As I’m working through the tutorials and other documentation I realize that you’re going to need quite a few icons and images for my applications.  A possibility of 11 to be exact, depending on if I’m creating a universal app or targeting only a specific platform.

Here is the summary:

Location Size
App Icon (iPhone)s 57 x 57
App Icon (iPhone hi-res) 114 x 114
App Icon (iPad) 72 x 72
Spotlight and Settings
   (iPhone and iPad)
29 x 29
Spotlight and Settings
   (iPhone hi-res)
58 x 58
Spotlight and Settings
    (iPad Spotlight search results)
50 x 50
iTunes 512 x 512
iPhone Launch 320 x 480
  640 x 960
iPad Launch 768 x 1004
  1024 x 768


There are other optional icons for toolbars and tab bars as well as a specific icon required should you be creating a Newsstand app.

I spend several hours browsing around last night looking for established designers that have iPhone/iPad image design experience but didn’t really see any that stood out. The recommendations that I did see were related to using sites like oDesk and to locate freelancers.

If anyone has any recommendations on designers/artists, then please let me know.

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