Dynamics CRM 4.0-2011 Upgrade Tip #4: Clean up old Synch table entries

If you are using the CRM Outlook client you will find two sets of tables in the CRM database beginning with: SubscriptionStatistics and SyncEntry.

Like the AsyncOperationsBase table containing old and useless information, these tables present the same sorts of issues.

Luckily, the Microsoft UK Dynamics Support team has an answer:

Script to clean up SyncEntry_<GUID> and SubscriptionStatistics_<GUID> tables in the SQL database


There are some slight modifications to make the script run better, as outlined in an article from Customer Effective on the same subject:

Clean Up Old Synch Tables In Your Microsoft CRM Database


Again, this is a SQL operation so if you are not comfortable with SQL, the please find someone who is.

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