Dynamics CRM 4.0-2011 Upgrade Tip #3: Clean up the System Job and Workflow Job Tables

In CRM 4.0 the system jobs table, otherwise known as the AsyncOperationsBase table, could expand to the point that normal CRM operations were affected.  That’s a worse-case scenario.

Regardless of current system performance, an abnormally large number of records in this table can slow down the upgrade process.  Since we want our upgrade to go as smoothly as possible, it would be a great idea to clean out as much data as you can.

Here are some tools that will help you clean up records that are no longer needed:



These articles give you SQL scripts to run so you really need to be comfortable with SQL operations before attempting them.  If you are not, then please find someone who is.

Finally, most of these operations can affect the entire system so you may need to run them after normal business hours.

Additionally, here are a couple of tools that I have found that may be of use.  I’ve not used either in a production environment so if you have questions, please contact the people who wrote them before putting them to use.


I’ll try and dig into these utilities more in-depth in a later article.

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