CRM 2011: Unexpected dependencies when deleting fields

When you attempt to delete a field with in Dynamics CRM, a check will be performed to see if the field is being referenced. Here are some of the locations it will check:

  • Forms ( published and unpublished )
  • Views ( published and unpublished )

If any references are found, the following error message will be displayed:


Clicking the Details link will provide detailed information, which looks something like this:


As you can see, I have two dependencies that must be removed before the field can be deleted.

The Issue

So here is the issue: That first entry is the parent record, in this case called an Installation Package, to my child entity, Installation Package Item.

How is that possible?  I don’t have a reference ( Lookup ) to a Installation Package Item on the parent Installation Package form.  Here is what the form looks like:



The Solution

I don’t have a Lookup on the Installation Package form, but what I do have is an embedded sub-grid showing Installation Package Items.  THAT is what is causing that dependency to show in the manner that it does.

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