Monthly Archives: September 2011

CRM Migration Assistant 1.3.1 Released

We’ve made a couple of changes to the CRM Migration Assistant this week. You may download the trial version here.   Navigation Element Conversion The conversion of navigation elements ( navActivities, navActivityHistory, etc. ) was initially added to convert code like this: var myvar =;   into this: var myvar = Xrm.Page.ui.navigation.items.get("navOpps").getVisible();   An […]

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CRM Migration Assistant 1.3 Released

Version 1.3 of our JavaScript conversion tool, CRM Migration Assistant has been released. More information is available here.   Release Notes This month’s release focused mainly on enhancements to the conversion process.   Bug Fixes Corrected an issue that produced an error when connecting directly to CRM 4.0 to extract customizations.   Corrected an connection […]

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