CRM Migration Assistant 1.2 Released

I’m proud to announce the release of version 1.2 of our CRM JavaScript conversion utility, the CRM Migration Assistant.

New Features

The following new features were added:


Lists the following statistics on the conversion process:

  • Number of files
  • Number of lines of JavaScript
  • Conversion time

Find Duplicates

Two additional reports are create that track the following duplicate information:

Duplicate Events

The contents of each event (onload, onsave, onchange) are compared and a report produced of events that have exactly the same contents. This information is written to an XML file and can be found in the conversion folder.

Duplicate Functions

Since the CRM Migration Assistant records the names of functions found within your JavaScript, we decided it would be helpful to produce a report of duplicate function names. This information is written to an XML file and can be found in the conversion folder.

Faster Conversion Time

The conversion process has been streamlined and which as dropped the actually conversion time around 50%.


New or Modified Conversions

The following changes have been made to the conversion process:


Is converted to:


crmForm.all.new_field.setAttribute(“req”, 1);

Is converted to: Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“new_field”).setRequiredLevel(“recommended”);



In CRM 4.0, tabs were named using the convention tabXTab – with the X being 0-7
Example: = “”;

The initital conversion to CRM 2011 was using the tab Name:

The GUID was the internal ID of the Tab but issues were discovered that caused this ID to be incorrect so the conversion was changed into this:



Unsupported JavaScript

The following unsupported JavaScript objects have been added to the conversion process. If encountered, they will marked as conversion issues in the converted JavaScript and listed in the conversion report as well.

  • crmForm.detachCloseAlert()
  • crmFormSubmit.crmFormSubmitSecurity.value
  • crmFormSubmit.crmFormSubmitObjectType.value

Note: crmFormSubmitObjectType contains the same value as ObjectTypeCode.


Final Notes

Previous versions of the CRM Migration Assistant will need to be uninstalled before version 1.2 can be installed.

The new download can be found here.

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