CRM 2011 Tip o’the Day: Hide the Getting Started Pane

CRM 2011, by default, displays a feature at the top of every data view called the Getting Started Pane.  Here’s how it looks for Contacts:


This is great for new users, but after some period of time, you may wish to have that screen real estate to show more records on the screen.

Luckily, you can hide the Getting Started Pane for everyone, or for specific users.


Hiding the Getting Started Pane for all users

Select Settings, Administration, System Settings.

When the dialog displays, change the following setting to No.


Click OK to save your change.


Hiding the Getting Started Pane for an individual user

Each user has the ability to change this setting as well.

The user needs to select File, Options, then uncheck the following option:


Click OK to save the change.

Note: If the administrator has turned hidden the Display Getting Started Pane using System Settings, the user will not be able to override that setting to turn it back on.

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