Using Advanced Find to quickly navigate to a specific entity

As you may know, when you create an entity within CRM you specify which areas the entity is display in, using the following settings on the Entity Information screen:


One of the final CRM customization tasks that needs to be performed is user-interface verification. This requires you open the data entry form for each of Entity and verify the field placement, navigation, and other items that have been customized as specified by your requirements.

This can be a very time consuming process, especially if you have many interrelated Entities that do not appear on the main CRM SiteMap.

For example: You add a custom Entity related to Contact called Payroll. It also has a related Entity called Payroll items. So, to view the Payroll Items form live, you would need to open a Contact, add or edit a Payroll record, then add a Payroll Item record.

As you can see, this can be a very time consuming process. So instead of trying to find the entity visually, just open the Advanced FInd dialog and select your entity from the Look for list:


Use a basic criteria such as Status Equals Active then click the Results button:


This will bring up a list of records for that Entity. If no records were returned, just click the New button to create one.

I learned this little trick from Frank Grimberg at Prosoft System Intl while working on project together and it’s so simple, I wonder why it didn’t occur to me before.

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