So just how fast is your JavaScript conversion tool?

People have asked that question and I don’t know why, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve actually looked at the numbers behind the JavaScript conversion process that the CRM Migration Assistant performs.  I was using an internal timer as part of the development process but the data was never exposed.

So today I got to thinking about it and after moving around a small bit of code, I have some numbers.

This is from a real-life CRM project that I worked on for almost two years:

Files: 144, Lines of JavaScript: 7,408, Conversion time: 00:00.65

This is for the actual conversion process itself, not for any work related to extracting customizations or writing those customizations back to disk.

And yes, that is 0.65 seconds.

The reason I hadn’t bothered with the timing is because just about any conversion I’ve ever run has always taken one minute or less so I never worried about it.

I’ll be adding more of this type of information to the product documentation but in the mean time, if you are having to justify the cost, just look those numbers over one more time then ask yourself if you can afford not to have a tool like this in your back pocket. Or thumb drive, etc.  ( You get the idea. )

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