Free Utility Released: Export CRM 4.0 Plugins

Updated: 9/30/2011. Version 1.1

Occasionally I find the need to extract a plugin from the CRM database. This could be caused by a variety of reasons:

  • The person or vendor who wrote the program is no longer working with your company and you have no idea what the plugin does ( believe me, this happens ).
  • You are having issues with a plugin and you need to review the code of the plugin that has been registered to verify that it was built the way you intended.
  • You are preparing to move to Dynamics CRM 2011 and you need to verify that your plugin assemblies will work well in CRM 2011.



CRMExtractPlugins [serverurl] [organizationName] /L

It uses the security credentials of the currently logged-in user so you must be a CRM system administrator for it to work properly.

the /L parameter will extract just the names of the plugins within the system and place them into a file called [organizationName]-plugins.txt which can be found inside the folder that is created by the export process.



CRMExtractPlugins http://crm contoso

CRMExtractPlugins http://crm contoso /L


You may download it here.

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