CRM 2011: Exploring the Developer Resources Page

CRM 2011 includes a Developer Resources page which provides additional information and tools for the CRM developer.

You find the page by navigating to: Settings, Customizations, Developer Resources, where the following page is display:


So, how can I use this information?


Organization Unique Name

The Unique Name for an organization is the internal name or the database name that was assigned when you created the organization. This name is sometimes required by applications that connect to your CRM organization to perform operations.

Note: This screen shot is from one of my CRM Online organizations. The Organization Unique Name for an on-premise installation will be more human-readable.

Windows Azure AppFabric Issurer Certificate

If you will be performing any work using the Windows Azure AppFabric, you’ll need to install a certificate that used during the authentication process.


Developer Center

In the CRM Development Center you can find links to tools, training materials, blogs, and the community forums. In a nutshell, it is the central location to find all things CRM-developer-related.


Discovery Service Endpoint

If you will be working with multiple CRM organizations, you’ll need to establish a connection to the CRM Discovery service which will return to you a list of organizations that your security credentials have access to.  More information may be found here.


Organizational Service Endpoint

The Organizational Service is the main API for interacting programmatically with CRM 2011. This is what you connect to in order to perform any create, read, update, delete, or other operation against the CRM data.  More information may be found here.


Organizational Data Service

The Organizatoin Data Service is similar to Organizational Service but it is restricted to Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations only.  More information may be found here.

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