Changing the CRM startup experience

In case you didn’t know, each CRM user can change their initial web client startup experience by modifying several different settings that control how the home page is displayed.

Let’s walk through the process:


Changing the Workplace

You access your personal options through File, Options:


When the Set Personal Options dialog is displayed, click the Workplace tab:


This tab shows a Preview of your workplace showing the current configuration. The Workplace is intended to contain the most common items a CRM user needs to access during the course of their work day.

By default, you have the following areas displayed:

  • My Work
  • Customers
  • Extensions
    • if you have any custom Entities that you have set to display there.

You can add additional areas to the Wordplace by checking the boxes of the items in the Select Workplace Areas section.

Here is how the Workplace Preview will appear if we select sales:


Note: You cannot remove My Work, Customers, or Extensions through this interface.


Select the areas that you wish to appear in the Workplace, then click the General tab.


Selecting your Home Page

The next step in the process is to set your Home Page.

On the General tab, you’ll find the following section:


As you can see, you can select both the Default Pane and the Default Tab.  In my configuration, I want CRM to display my contact list when I first open CRM so I have set my Default Tab to Contacts.

Note: The Default Tab options are dynamic and will change based on the Default Pane selection.


Hiding the Getting Started Pane

The final user interface modification we’ll cover today is the hiding of the Getting Started Pane which is displayed at the top of most Entity views within CRM and looks something like this:


If you do not wish to see this information at the top of the grids, click the Show Getting Started panes on all lists and they will no longer be shown.


Final Notes ( for Administrators )

Please read the following article that describes my experiences with users customizing the Workplace and some issue and items to note here.



Well that is a quick tour of the Personal Options that control.  Hopefully, it will help make your CRM experience just a little more personal.

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