Rock, Paper, Azure

Well I entered the Rock, Paper, Azure contest and for the most part, got my butt kicked.  Mostly because I had little time to invest.  It was an uncommon (for me) 60-hour work week proceeding Convergence 2011 and I didn’t have too much time to invest in my little game-playing bot.

Here are my statistics:



Games Played

29 clip_image001

Tournament Week 2 (4/15)


25 clip_image002

Open Round Week 2


46 clip_image003

Tournament Week 1 (4/8)



Anyway, I got a really cool T-shirt in the mail today:


It was a fun little project.  I hope that Microsoft does something like this again.

I also hope that after the contest, the winners of the various rounds share their bot source. That would be really cool to review.

Even though I had a week of long days, it was actually rather fun to “relax” and write code that did something totally unrelated to my current job.

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