Interesting issue encountered while deleting a lookup

I was deleting an unused lookup from a custom entity when I received and error stating that I could not delete the relationship because of a dependence.

That was odd, I thought.

I had removed it from the form, published all customizations, and made sure that it wasn’t used anywhere else.  But still, this error appeared:


Note: I’ve had to obscure or change the data to maintain customer confidentiality.

What was even stranger was the fact that I was doing nothing with the relationship with the “UnrelatedEntity” shown above.

So I asked the MVP Collective and Joel Lindstrom came up with the answer ( pretty quickly I might add ).

It turns out that the information displayed in the Dependent Components list was indeed correct.

It turns out there was a field mapping used in the relationship between the two entities.

I was attempting to remove a field that was used in the field mapping.

Once I removed the field from the field mapping, I was able to remove the lookup from the entity in question.

Thanks Joel.

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