CRM Tip o’the Day: Working with CRM Security Role Privileges

This tip has existed since at least CRM 4.0, but I’ve been creating a lot of security roles on my current project and I thought it was worth repeating.

Toggle All Privileges per Entity

If you click once on the name of the Entity, the privileges for the entire row will be cycled to the next level.

Note: It doesn’t actually cycle the entire row’s privileges at once, what it actually does is takes the privileges at the lowest-level and moves them to the next level until all of the privileges are at the same level. After several clicks, the entire row will be in synch with each other and if you continue clicking, they will all change together.

Placing your mouse cursor over an Entity name will give you that little tooltip:



Toggle All Privileges for All Entities

Clicking the privilege column title will result in that column’s privileges being incremented for all entities on that page.

Note: The ‘tooltip’ for the column only shows the privilege and doesn’t let you in on the little productivity enhancement I just mentioned for row.

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