CRM 2011: Exploring bulk delete operations

I was entering some sample data when I happened to notice the Delete button on the ribbon contained an arrow.  Hmm, I wondered, what does that arrow do if I push it.  Here’s what it does:


Very good. Not only can you delete the currently selected records, but you can also create a bulk-delete job to have those records deleted in the background.

Let’s walk through the process, after you click the Bulk Delete menu.


Defining Search Criteria

The first page of the Bulk Deletion Wizard allows you to define the search criteria that will be used to find records that will be deleted:


This is the typical CRM Advanced Find screen and like Advanced Find, the criteria will default to that of the current CRM View.

I’ve added an additional check here to find records whose State//Province equals CA.

After you have entered your search criteria, you may click the Preview Records button to verify the results of the search.

Click the Next button when you are satisfied with your criteria.


Scheduling the Bulk Delete Job

The next step is to instruct CRM when you would like this bulk deletion job to run, which is done through the following dialog:


Other Options

You also have the option of scheduling this job to run on a recurring basis in intervals of: 7, 30, 90, 180, or 365 days.

Finally, you can instruct CRM to email you ( or another CRM user ) when the job has completed.

Submitting the Bulk Delete Job

The final step is to verify the options for the bulk delete job and submit it:



Verifying the Bulk Deletion Job

You can verify the job ran as expected by selecting:

Settings, Data Management, Bulk Record Deletion.

As you can see from the view below, the


Opening the record, we see the specifics for the job:



We’ll cover the management of recurring system jobs in our next article.

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