CRM Migration Assistant Update and News

Hi Everyone,

I am really enjoying Convergence 2011 this week so I thought I would pass along some great news and even greater news about the CRM Migration Assistant, our JavaScript conversion tool.

Great News

In honor of Convergence 2011, we’re offering a 10% discount through Sunday, April 17th. Just enter the code: CONV11 upon checkout.

For those of you at Convergence this year, track me down and give me a business card with CRM Migration Assistant written on the back and I’ll give an even better offer.

Hint: I’ll be at the Microsoft booth between 3:30 and 5:30pm today ( Tuesday ) and around Convergence in general all day Wednesday.


Even Greater News

One of the last major features on our product roadmap will be shipping this weekend as well. ( Monday, April 18th, at the latest. )

The new feature will allow you to upload your converted JavaScript directly into CRM 2011 as a series of JavaScript library web resources.

Additionally, it will also modify each entity form to point to the migrated JavaScript library and the functions contained within.

The CRM Migration Assistant is auto-updating so this new feature set will automatically be applied after the update has been posted to the download site.


Thanks again for your continued support and if you are in Atlanta this week, say hi.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email: mitch at crmaccelerators dot net.

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