Monthly Archives: April 2011

14 CRM 2011: Adding a view to the sitemap

Occasionally I have requirements to add links to the CRM Sitemap that are pointers to specific system views that we’ve created.  For example, here we have a link for Vendors that points to a system view that was created on the Account Entity which uses a Filter of Relationship Type = Vendor: So, how do […]

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1 CRM 2011 Factoid: Deleting Records

When you deleted a record in CRM 4.0, it didn’t physically delete the record at that point in time, it merely marked it for deletion.  Once per day, an automated background process would run to delete any such records. With CRM 2011, Microsoft changed the architecture so that a delete operation is physically performed when […]

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1 CRM 2011: Tracing Errors during SDK Development

I am working hard to put one of the last major features into my CRM Migration Manager and ran across some interesting issues today and the background information was equally interesting so I thought I’d share:   Error: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException Using the exception-handling code ask documented in the CRM 2011 SDK (5.0.2), I received the following […]

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