CRM 2011: Renaming an Organization

Occasionally, you will find a need to change the display name of an organization, which is an operation performed through the CRM Deployment Manager by someone who has the Deployment Manager security role.

How’s it done

Open the CRM 2011 Deployment Manager then select the Organizations node.  The list of organizations should look something like this:


1. Highlight the selected Organization the click the Disable link.

You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to disable the organization:


2.  Select Yes.

Note: Remember that a Disabled organization can’t be accessed.

3. Click the Edit Organization link:


and the Edit Organization Wizard will be displayed:


You will notice that you can’t edit the Name field.  That’s the physical name of the CRM Organizational database and that can’t be changed once it’s created.

You can however, change the following:

  • Display Name
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services URL

In this exercise, we’ll just be changing the Display Name.

4. Change the Display name field to the new name.


5. Click Next and the standard installation environmental checks:


Assuming you don’t encounter any errors, then click the Next button and you will be asked to perform one last verification before proceeding:


6. Click the Apply button.  The changes will be applied and again, assuming you don’t encounter any issues, you’ll see the following dialog:


7. Click the Finish button.

Back in the organization list, you will see the change you just made:


8. The last step is to highlight the organization and click the Enable link to enable the newly changed CRM organization.


As you can see from the following figure, you’ll notice that the URL for the organization remains the same, but the Display Name has been changed:


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