Verifying CRM 4.0 Installation File Dates the Easy Way

This morning I was verifying the version of a CRM 4.0 installation when I realized that instead of opening individual files and checking their properties, I could just ask the Windows Explorer to show me the information.

Perform the following steps:

1) Navigate to your CRM 4.0 installation folder, ( c:\program files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM ).

2) Open the Setup folder.

3) Set the View of the folder to be Details.

4) Right click on the file list grid to display the pop-up menu:


5) Click the More… menu.

6) Scroll down the Details list until you find File Version and check the box beside it:


7) Click OK and your file list will update to show something like this:



Fairly simply, I know, but it just occurred to me that this feature was available and it is surely easier than checking files individually.

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