Monthly Archives: July 2010

Creating a query to find all users with a specified security role

I ran into an interesting requirement this morning that let’s me show off one of my favorite CRM add-on utilities: Stunnware Tools.  Let’s cover both. The Requirement I needed to create a list of users that were members of a specific security role.  Rather than writing an application or designing a SQL query, I opened […]

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2 Book Recommendation: Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch

I have been dabbling a bit with iPhone development as a way to stretch my development skills.  Unfortunately,Apple’s language of choice for iPhone/iPad development is something called Objective C which, for me anyway, is a time machine straight back to 1989 or so. Now I really have nothing against Objective C besides that fact that […]

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CRM Add-Ons Updated

Last year I created an add-on for Dynamics CRM 4.0 that I called Data Validation.  It had two functions: User interface validation Email management. This week I decided to split those functions into two separate products. I also change the licensing from a per-organization fee to a simple flat-fee. You may read more about these […]

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